Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Well, the time for procrastination is over!

Two years ago, I lost a massive 37kg, took up running & pretty much changed my lifestyle. Unfortunately it was not to be a permanent change. After losing all that weight I got lazy and thought I could just eat whatever I wanted as long as I continued to run. Well, what a load of crock that is!

Since then I have put back on about 20kg of that weight developed a serious lower back problem, which if my Dr had their way, I'd be having surgery.

However, I know that when I lose the weight this will be a major help, not only to my back, but to my mind as well.

Hence the reason I have enlisted Michelle Bridges to help me. I need someone to crack the whip with me & help me get in the right frame of mind to do this. I KNOW what I should be doing, but I just can't get my head in the right place at the moment to actually do it.

So bring on the 12wbt & bring on, not the new me, but the old me - the healthy, slim, fit confident girl I used to be!

Follow me as I go on my journey from Flab 2 Fab!

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